Hardly ever Purchase An additional Razor – Learn how to Use a Straight Razor

For that earlier five yrs, I have made use of a straight razor as being the sole implies of shaving my deal with. You see, Best Straight Razor I might gotten towards the place exactly where I certainly hated shaving. Obtaining new blades occasionally, the ingrown hairs, the need to be clean-shaven for my occupation; this stuff irritated me. I decided which i did not would like to shave once more. But I did not wish to use a beard possibly.

Effectively, because I also failed to want to purchase electrolysis, the necessity to shave did not disappear. I had to deal with this inherent rite which all gentlemen possess. But how to proceed over it? I have often experienced a fascination with knives, and considered once in a while, that applying a straight razor could well be fairly great. So, I purchased my 1st straight razor and made a decision to master the way to use it, hoping which i would not scar myself from the process. Five yrs later on, I believe it absolutely was one particular of the finest investments I at any time built. I acquired ways to moist shave.

The very first thing I say to men and women who inquire why I use this sort of razor is that this: “I do not will need to obtain a different razor blade.” In reality, I’ve likely saved myself a number of hundred bucks. The first investment decision of my first razor, the strop, a honing stone, the mug & the brush, has long since paid for itself. Yes, no more getting those disposable razor blades.

What are the benefits of damp shaving? Here are a few:

Saves money.
Gives me a closer shave.
It’s a “greener” way of shaving. No more disposable blades to throw away.
No more ingrown hairs.
Damp shaving is better for your skin; it’s exfoliating.
I enjoy shaving all over again!

There’s a lot involved with making use of a straight razor, and not it’s something for everyone. As with all new skills, there’s a learning curve, outlined with a number of nicks & cuts along the way. But during the end, it’s all worth it. I can shave just as fast with this razor as with a traditional razor, and it also gives me a closer shave. This indicates I don’t require to shave everyday, another bonus!

So, if you’ve had it with shaving, or just wish you enjoyed it more, than why not try shaving with a straight razor? A note to those who undertake this endeavor: do not try to save money by purchasing a cheap blade. With straight razors, you quite much get what you purchase. Get a razor with a high carbon content, not stainless steel. A Dovo or Thiers-Issard is a fine blade. Go to some shaving forums & read what others have to say about this skill. You’ll find that there’s quite a following in this field. Many have become collectors of fine razors.