Babies and Sleep

There are many experienced parents who know that the only one who sleeps well during the first few months is the baby, but they are not always able to express the difficulties. It might be because they are too tired, or they could have forgotten the horror of being up all night once they have gotten enough rest. Couples who will soon be parents are aware that babies need to be fed every few hours, but many of them are not adequately prepared for the sleep deprivation that will become a huge factor in their future. Babies and sleep often do not go together, and new parents will find their biggest craving is for uninterrupted sleep.

Feeding times

Infants eat often, and it is due to the fact they are growing daily. Good nutrition is an important factor in ensuring they will grow strong and healthy, so missing feeding times is a bad idea. New parents are aware of this, and they do their best to keep up with the needs of their infant. Women who are breast feeding might find their responsibilities are too much, and they can pump excess milk during the day and evening for the middle of the night feedings. Their partner can then have their own opportunity to spend time with the baby, and she can get a good night of rest before the morning feeding begins.

Playing at all hours

Babies have little or no sense of time, so their schedule goes around the clock. While their parents might feel the middle of the night is a good time to sleep, their baby could find it is the best time to be cute and playful. Teaching a child to sleep during the night is impossible until they are ready for it, so it is best to simply go with the flow. As long as the baby is happy and healthy, playing during the night will help them get back to sleep and begin living by a schedule.

Forming a routine

Being on a strict schedule is good for infants, toddlers and small children. It helps them form parameters for their life that they can trust, and it gives them a sense of security. Parents of new-borns might find it difficult, but forming a routine as soon as possible is the best way to help their child grow in a healthy manner. It might be difficult when parents have been up all night, but feeding, playing and bathing a baby at the same times each day will help the baby learn the new routine and settle in quickly.

Having a new baby around the house can be an adventure in modern life, and parents often find getting enough rest is impossible for them. Sharing their duties will help them, but forming a solid routine for their baby will be a good way to provide a secure environment for their infant. Once they have established it, they will find the baby tends to sleep more during the night. They will be ready to eat at mealtime, and they will begin sleeping more as they settle into their new family.